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Attachment is my absolute favorite topic – because it can change your family!

In Episode #5, we spoke about the topic in general. Today we’re talking about attachment in infancy. 

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Krista and Dr. Barbara

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What is attachment?

The truth is that all parents are involved in establishing an attachment with their children. For example we can form a healthy attachment with our kids even if we don’t wear our babies.  

Attachment in the context of an adult and child relationship is a strong and enduring bond between a child and an adult who assumes responsibility for the well being of that child.  It is a relationship where a more mature other assumes responsibility for meeting the needs of the child in a warm, responsive and consistent manner.  It is a relationship where the child feels a sense of both physical and emotional safety in the presence of the adult, and has the confidence that that person will meet their needs in a kind and loving manner.

Why is a secure attachment relationship so important?

It’s in our very DNA. We are born looking for attachment.

  1.   Advances in neuroscience have discovered that the physical growth and development of the human brain is dependent upon the quality of the relationships and life experiences that we have in the early years of life.  
  • The actual number of dendrites or “connectors” in our brain is directly related to the quality of care that a child receives.  
  • In every interaction that we have with our child connections are being made in our child’s brain.
  • Parents are brain architects
  • The structure of a well-nurtured child’s brain is more complex than a child who is seriously neglected


When does this attachment relationship begin?

Attachment starts during pregnancy. The warm fuzzy feelings start before we ever lay eyes on the baby.

“Every baby is looking for someone looking for them.”

Every baby knows at birth whether or not they are wanted.  


How is a secure attachment developed and how long does it take?

Sensory language of attachment:

• Touch

• Movement

• Motherese

• Tone of voice

• Maternal gleam

• Responsiveness

• Attunement – “I hear you, I see you, and I understand you”


Should we let a baby “cry it out”?

Should I put my newborn on a feeding and sleeping schedule?


What are some of the things that can undermine attachment?

• Post-partum

• Prematurity

• Difficult birth


What role can the local church play?


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