Parents are bombarded with conflicting advice, coupled with questions, and feelings of doubt.

Christian parents want to raise their children as “good Christians” but have honest questions about “folklore” disguised as doctrine.

They wish they could “look under the hood” and understand how their child develops, but are sometimes afraid of scientific research.

My own search as a Christian parent, university professor, children’s pastor, and consultant to educators led me to dig deeply into the scriptures, and research, to understand how to parent and teach children well.DrBarbara_Parents

What most parents hear and read is sensationalized, misinformation passed on by popular culture.

The most important ingredient in a child’s environment is the quality of the relationship between the parent and the child.

Effective parenting begins with intentional nurture of the mind, emotions, attitudes, and dispositions that lie within the unseen spirit of the child.

Parents need to understand how to nurture – and believe they can!

An understanding of child development can alleviate parental fears, helping them understand the meaning behind a child’s behavior.

When a parent, or a child care professional, sees how scientific research and the Scriptures agree about nurturing a child’s heart, it brings confidence, joy, and peace to the family!


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