Today we launched season two of Nurturing the Heart of a Child!  We are so excited to be venturing into a new season of our podcast and we have lots of interesting and important material to cover this season.  We will be starting with a study on technology and how it effects children.  We know this is a hot topic today and often on the minds and hearts of parents.  A great book that we want to recommend is called Glow Kids by- Nicholas Kardaras.  This book shares a lot of research as to how technology effects children and it is quite alarming.  A lot of what we share in our technology study has come from this book if you want to do some more research on your own!  We are going to break down how technology effects children by looking at how it effects them mentally, emotionally, psychologically, socially, physically,  and educationally.

This first episode is specifically about how technology effects children mentally and educationally. We would love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes so that you don’t miss an episode- or you can listen to the first one episode of season 2 here:

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