By exploring the key areas of nurture every child needs, Dr. Barbara helps teachers and caregivers find deeper understanding and confidence in their important work.

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DrBarbara_ChurchesDr. Barbara’s own experience as a parent, caregiver, university professor, consultant, and Children’s Pastor brings a unique and relatable quality to her work.

Passionate about child development, Dr. Barbara is not afraid to tackle controversial issues…

  • We can only change churches by changing parents
  • Infant development
  • The detrimental effects of highly academic environments in the early years
  • The value of play and imagination
  • Emotions—not punishing strong emotions but helping children learn to appropriately manage them
  • Obedience: How the focus on obedience can actually cause rebellion!
  • Friendships and Relationships
  • Challenges in Adoption and Foster Care
  • Racial issues: Based on her personal and professional experience working in the inner city and with Native Americans
  • “The Mozart Effect”
  • Technology’s role in child development – and the dangers

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