Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
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Public schools can be wonderful places for our children to learn and grow. My daughters had good experiences there, and I have many friends who are excellent, caring teachers.  But I do not think things are moving in the right direction, overall.  Recently, the local school district in my city released the results of standardized […]

I was listening to a talk show host interview a mom about her new book on parenting. This mom has three grown children, one of whom was recently killed in Afghanistan serving as a Navy Seal. She attributed the success of her children to the fact that she raised them to be “strong and independent.” […]

One of the things I have always loved about being a teacher is that each year there is a new beginning.  We may teach year round but typically once a year there is at least a slightly different mix of children and a feeling of a new start. As we begin again this fall, one […]