Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
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Episode #3: How Technology Effects Children Socially Texting and social media can be amazing tools, but with them comes amazing responsibility for parents. We live in the most “connected” society that has every been.  And yet, rates of depression and suicide have risen greatly.  Communication and connection are not the same thing.  As humans we […]

Podcast #12:  Today we’re talking about “Disorganized Attachment”     Listen here:    OR – Listen and subscribe in  iTunes  or  Stitcher Print this Nurture Notes PDF:  Dr Barbara Sorrels – Podcast 12 Disorganized Attachment Resources mentioned: Here are some resources for parents wanting to learn more about how to help children with disorganized attachment or RADS: […]

Biting is a behavior that can cause a great deal of angst in parents and teachers alike. There are several reasons for biting at different stages of development.  Babies may bite when they are teething or exploring. I have heard parents make silly, affectionate statements like, “I love you so much, I could just eat […]