Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Category: Child Care

Any parent, teacher, or caregiver in an early childhood environment is familiar with the potential challenges that transitions present throughout the day It is often at the point of a transition that children display challenging behaviors. Why are transitions difficult for children and what can teachers and caregivers do to help children manage transitions well? […]

When my oldest daughter went off to college in 2005, I was introduced to a new term in the orientation meeting her university provided—“helicopter parenting.” These are parents who micromanage every aspect of their adult children’s lives, even so far as to contact professors regarding their adult children’s grades, show up at job interviews, and […]

The typical middle class family lives in a community of relational poverty. Most of our communities are far different than the ones of the 50’s and 60’s. Neighbors living next door to one another often don’t even know each other’s name. Neighborhoods are no longer communities of shared values. The typical neighborhood is a “salad […]