Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Category: Child Care

One of the things I have always loved about being a teacher is that each year there is a new beginning.  We may teach year round but typically once a year there is at least a slightly different mix of children and a feeling of a new start. As we begin again this fall, one […]

Last week I was in the home of a foster mom who is parenting a three-year-old boy.   I shared some child development information with her and we discussed different parenting strategies for handling behavioral issues.  In particular, she wanted some ideas on how to handle, “No.”  Her little guy often responded with an emphatic “No!” […]

Children are born with an innate drive to explore and master the world. Just watch a time lapse of this nine-month- old baby as he explores the dining room of his home. As you can see, this little guy explores every square inch of the room, from the cobwebs in the corner to the […]