New Book for Parents!

Nurturing Healthy Attachment: Build Parent-Child Connections to Last a Lifetime

This book addresses what I consider to be the most important topic a parent must understand. Connection, or healthy attachment, is also the subject I’m most asked about from child care professionals. 


I believe an understanding of the basics of child development, and particularly the importance of attachment, will encourage you to follow your God-given desire to nurture. 


Healthy attachment doesn’t make a child clingy and codependent—it equips kids to have healthy relationships throughout their lifetime. 


Society today has few role models for connection. But there is hope for your family. Once you understand attachment, everything else falls into place.
Also includes discussion questions for groups or personal reflection.




Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to TraumaReachingTeaching_214x278

What does a harmed child look like?  It’s the little girl on the playground who has mysterious bruises on her legs. It’s the three-month-old baby boy who arches his back when you try to hold him. It’s the four-year-old who bites and hits when asked to clean up. These are the faces of traumatized children.

As an early childhood professional, you play a key role in the early identification of maltreatment and unhealthy patterns of development. You are also the gateway to healing. In Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to Trauma, you will find the tools and strategies to connect with harmed children and start them on the path to healing. Dr. Sorrels offers practical strategies that caregivers need to help these littlest victims. Connecting with a harmed child using games, music, gentle touch, and play. Meeting children’s sensory needs throughout the day: morning arrival, group time, meal times, outdoor play, and naptime Creating a sensory-rich classroom environment with easy, simple ideas Teaching a traumatized child self-regulation skills and impulse control using visual cues, rehearsal and role play, games, and scripted stories Coaching and supporting social skills: turn taking, sharing, joining in play, empathy, and conflict resolution Communicating unconditional love and acceptance to children from hard places.

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4-DVD video series!

Impact of Trauma on Healthy Child Development

Insight for Adoptive Families, Foster Families, and Caregivers

For caregivers, foster/adoptive families, and anyone interested in how children are impacted by trauma of all kinds.

This 4-DVD set includes instruction on:Trauma DVD Cover - Front and Spine

  • Characteristics of traumatized children
  • Challenges traumatized children face
  • Prenatal trauma
  • Attachment
  • Self-regulation
  • Much more!  (A PDF outline is also included)

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Dr. Barbara’s paperback book & E-Book are available on Amazon.

Paperback book for only $7.99

Amazon Kindle for only $4.99 Book Cover - Ready or Not - smaller

Preparing Your Child from Newborn to School Age

This book gives practical, down-to-earth insights for parents of newborns through school age.

School readiness begins WAY before kindergarten, and is a LOT more than just memorizing ABC’s and 123′s!

Topics include:

  • The Power of Relationships
  • The Gift of Language
  • A Sense of Autonomy
  • Self-Regulation
  • Laying a Foundation for Math
  • Literacy
  • Social Skills

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Host a seminar with Dr. Barbara

If your community, child care center, or church would like to host a seminar on trauma, parenting, or any other child development topic, please contact us. Continuing education credit is available for some topics. 

Other resources for teachers:


Building Blocks of Learning BuildingBlocks product

Research indicates that the ability to build complex block structures at the age of 4 predicts math scores through the end of high school. This resource provides information on how to integrate the block center into 24 different thematic topics of study. Each theme includes a list of related children’s books, key vocabulary, field study suggestions, background knowledge, suggested props and accessories, a link to literacy and a link to math and science. Each theme is illustrated by pictures from real classrooms.  Click here to purchase




50 Art Ideas:50ArtIdeas product

This booklet includes ideas for open-ended art experiences using a variety of materials and art medium. This is a great resource for beginning caregivers and teachers who want to provide process-driven art experiences that foster creativity and opportunities to explore the world and how it works instead of teacher driven crafts that stifle creativity and exploration. It is value priced to make it affordable to all. A picture of each experience is included. Click here to purchase