Dr. Barbara Sorrels’ own experience as a parent, caregiver, university professor, consultant, and Children’s Pastor brings a unique and relatable quality to her work, speaking, and writing.

I help parents and teachers understand what makes kids tick by “looking under the hood” and understanding basic principles of child development. I’ve seen that scientific research actually bears out truths of scripture.

Parents are bombarded by a variety of conflicting messages that often leave them confused.

Understanding God’s amazing design (and a child’s need for nurturing relationships) helps parents see each child’s uniqueness – and how to nurture them well.

The result is deeper connections among family members, less conflict, and happier children.  (Happier parents, too!)

DrBarbara_AboutDr. Barbara is Executive Director of The Institute for Childhood Education, a professional development and consulting firm for those who live and work with children.

Dr. Sorrels has had over 20 years of classroom experience teaching children of all ages in child care, kindergarten, and elementary school classrooms, as well as over five years’ experience teaching graduate and undergraduate students at the University level.

She also founded and directed early childhood centers located in Washington, D. C. and Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Sorrels holds a doctorate in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University, a master’s degree in Christian Education from Southwestern Seminary, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.

She served for over five years on the faculty of Oklahoma State University teaching in the Early Child Education program.

She is married to Bob Sorrels, and they have two daughters and two grandchildren.

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