Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Archive: 2015

I was recently standing in line at the grocery store and watched a common scenario play out in front of me.  A child about three years old was whining and crying for a candy bar.  The mom was obviously frazzled as she tried to unload her groceries onto the counter, pay attention to a baby […]

Last week I was in the home of a foster mom who is parenting a three-year-old boy.   I shared some child development information with her and we discussed different parenting strategies for handling behavioral issues.  In particular, she wanted some ideas on how to handle, “No.”  Her little guy often responded with an emphatic “No!” […]

The Power of Behavioral Rehearsals Last week my daughter took my 18-month-old grandbaby to the doctor for her routine check up and immunizations.  When it was over she called and said that the pediatrician told her that she had never had an 18-month-old be so calm during a visit.  This is usually the age where […]