Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Archive: 2014

Children who have been given the opportunity to face manageable challenges are able to persevere when learning new things. They don’t get discouraged and give up easily; they keep on keeping on until they get it. It stands to reason then, that autonomous children find more enjoyment and pleasure in school and demonstrate a higher […]

Here’s a 3-minute video response during the Q&A portion of our new video series, about the impact of childhood trauma. There’s a big difference between “custodial care” and nurture. Impact of Trauma on Healthy Child Development Insight for Adoptive Families, Foster Families, and Caregivers  

One factor in fostering autonomy is allowing children to face “manageable challenges.” There is a phenomenon today called, “helicopter parenting.” These are parents who hover over their children in order to protect them from any degree of frustration, disappointment or pain. Though they are well meaning, helicopter parents undermine their child’s development. Self-esteem doesn’t happen […]